2008 Beach Party
The beach party was a real hit! Everyone had a great time! The weather was perfect! Take some time and enjoy the event through this web page. I want to thank everyone for participating in the Kisakata Beach Party on July 5th. We have put up a copy of the photo hunt activity sheet, a newspaper article, several video clips and of course the photos everyone took. We hope you enjoy looking at everything.
We ran out of time and energy, so we only played three games. None-the-less all the kids enjoyed the excitement!
The food was great, but we ran out of hot dogs & hamburgers. Next year we will have to order more food to feed a hungry group.
The Kisakata Taiko group once again was fabulous! Everyone enjoyed their performance. Thank you for giving us a special moment!
There was R&R time for those who had no more strength after the first two games. The sports enthusiasts enjoyed volleyball, basketball and other activities.
There were lots of funny photo shots during the game. Click here to see the complete activity sheet for the game.
Lots of great photos from the photo game! Click a group to see what kind of photos they took. There are a few gems among the silly photos.
Group 1
Group 6 & 7
Great Photos!!!
Lots of Memories!
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No, we are not kissing. It's an example of how to play the rubber band game. You can see us playing this game if you click the beach game video button.
Newspaper Article
City Covers the Beach Party